Reclaim your personal power ❤️

You're allowed to take control of your life. Why should you allow other to be in control whether it be of your emotions, how you think, perceive, dress, act & feel etc. ? Make a conscious effort to reclaim your personal power. Use your voice. Speak your mind and don't hold back for fear of … Continue reading Reclaim your personal power ❤️

Start Over (shift)

Above all else you got the option to start fresh. Start over from any moment in time. You can choose to change and do things differently rather than stay stuck in a continuous cycle. One in which you do the same thing yet nothing's changed or gone according to plan as you wished. Why not … Continue reading Start Over (shift)

Think about it

How do you expect growth if you won't change your perception and behavior?

Your Personal Freedom

Personal freedom comes by choice. Make the choice to take the reins and be in control of your own life. Use your voice to say what you wish."Go confidently in the direction of your dreams..". I find often that it's so easy to dwell. Fear, doubt and procrastination will seep into your life and keep … Continue reading Your Personal Freedom


You are far more than just your body. 

Food for thought

Perhaps each scenario you've been put inEach relationship or association you've had recently Each challenge you've had to come has all come into your life to help you grow and discover yourself even more How will you grow and come into your own more if you never take the plunge and leave your comfort zone?