I am divinely connected to the source of all that is. -Abiola Abrams


All that I need is either already here or it's making its way to meet me.

Some words of encouragement

Some wise words to repeat aloud to make your soul smile and help you renew your mind: I belong here in this space. I am capable. I am well deserving of all things that are good. I am worthy. I can make it through the process. All that I need I have been created with. … Continue reading Some words of encouragement

A reminder of Your Greatness

You are loved You are worthy of love You didn’t deserve this at all You are worthy of all things good You are not broken You are not defeated Your life is still worthy Purpose is still present Everything is going to be okay You can get through this You are still alive and breathing … Continue reading A reminder of Your Greatness

Good Enough

What does the term "good enough" mean to you? Think about that. The Webster dictionary says that the term "good enough" means "of a quality that is good or acceptable". We live in a world in which each of us are constantly judged and picked apart. Each and everyone has an opinion in regards to … Continue reading Good Enough