Removing and choosing to no longer stand for what: embarrasses you dishonors your spirit disturbs your peace throws you off balance and shifting to what/who/practices that: uplift and motivate you enhance you honor your spirit or as I like to say "make your soul smile" help you be your best self  (walk in love) elevate … Continue reading Shift

Seasons must change

This thou shall pass. This current season if you're like me has been one filled with various trials and tribulations. I've been feeling very drained, lonely and despondent. Although I'm still working towards my goals and I can say I see things coming together I still have moments when I feel down. Time and time … Continue reading Seasons must change

This is not the end

Your pain is not your story.The acts committed against you are in no way, shape or form your fault regardless of what society, family or what your abuser has told you. Please don't feel guilty. You didn't bring this on yourself.          Keep in mind hurt people hurt other people with the … Continue reading This is not the end

Protect your space

Protect your space. Guard your heart and your kind. Be careful who you let in and around you. Make sure to protect your many vessels.  It's okay to be stingy with your time, your body , your mind and anything else that is yours and who you share it with. Remember reciprocity is key. Watch … Continue reading Protect your space

A letter of love/ Healing

  Don't believe anyone who says that your story (your past) is the ultimate defining factor for your life. The person you were in the past isn't the same person reading this. No matter what transpires you still change over time. Remember that your past, your current circumstance nor your future is a determinant of … Continue reading A letter of love/ Healing