My truth

What is your knowing? How do you conceptualize it as you come to harness it? Do you bask in it appreciating it for all that is? Do you relegate it and shift it to contort into an outside palatable viewing and experience?


View yourself for the masterpiece that you've been created to be. How do you treat your most prized possession? With tender, love and care right? Why don't you do that for yourself? Do the work necessary to allow you to be where you want, have the opportunities you desires, the life or things you wish … Continue reading Shift

Truly free

I hope that one day you get to see yourself for who you truly are. Real and unfiltered. Recognize your true strengths( gifts) you possess. Come to grips with what sets you apart and learn to embrace it all. Love yourself for who you are. Why waste time trying to be like another? Surely you … Continue reading Truly free